You shouldn't have to see the shooter to know you're in danger

During an active shooter attack, not everyone will hear gunfire or people screaming, and in many cases, until they actually see the shooter, they may not know what's really going on, resulting in additional casualties.

Emergency Notification Simplifyed

Ninex EmergeAlert™ is a unified mass notification system that can notify law enforcement and issue a variety of emergency alerts with instructions throughout an entire organization using its existing network and assets without any human intervention.

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Mobile Notification 

Getting the alert to everyone

Emergency alerts can also be automatically sent to everyone's cell phone, helping to ensure that no matter where they are, they are aware of the threat. 

Unlike traditional text messages, which can easily be overlooked, Ninex ​​EmergeAlert™ delivers a full-screen visual and audible alert.

Digital ​floorplans

Where to go 

During an emergency, knowing where to go is vital. Whether it’s the closest exit or locating a designated safe room. Digital floorplans can automatically be displayed based on the location and type of threat.

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Automatic Activation

Continuously looking for threats

Ninex EmergeAlert, when integrated with the Ninex ThreatWatch™ System and an organizations existing security cameras, can automatically detect a person with a visible gun and/or the sound of gunfire, automatically activating Ninex ​EmergeAlert™ System.

Beyond active shooter

Ninex EmergeAlert™ can be activated manually from the rapid response consul, issuing a variety of other types of alerts site-wide or to a specific area. Alerts are customized to deliver the right message based on the type of incident.

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Just one click, is all it takes to save lives

At Ninex we understand that the services we provide is something that no one wants to think about, but something that every organization must be prepared for.