Seeing the threat and doing nothing

That's exactly what security cameras do: see a threat and do nothing! During an active shooter attack, security cameras are of little value other than recording the shooter's activity as he moves throughout the building, shooting people.

Detecting a threat before it becomes one

Every active shooter must do one thing before a shot is fired: display a weapon. Ninex ThreatWatch™ is a real-time physical threat detection system that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to automatically detect a threat before a single gunshot is fired.

Continuously looking for anyone with a gun  

Utilizing an organization's existing security cameras, Ninex ThreatWatch™ System/Software monitors all video images, looking for anyone with a visible gun. When a person with a visible gun is detected, Ninex ThreatWatch™ can automatically notify law enforcement and all building occupants.

What it can't see it listens for

Areas where there are no security cameras Ninex Gunshot Detection Sensors continuously listen for the sound of gunfire. Ninex gunshot sensors can detect a wide range of calibers in various types of weapons. 

Notifying first responders in seconds

Ninex ThreatWatch™ can automatically notify on-site security and law enforcement and when integrated with Ninex EmergeAlert™can issue an emergency alert to all building occupants in less than 30 seconds.

Notifying everyone else

Ninex ThreatWatch™ can automatically activate Ninex EmergeAlert™ issuing emergency alerts to all employees on what actions everyone needs to take based on the location of the threat while simultaneously closing and locking designated doors and deactivating access control badges to help restrict the shooter's further movement.

Auto Tracking 

Tracking the threat anywhere

Because active shooters are fluent Ninex ThreatWatch™ with auto tracker can automatically track the shooter whether or not the weapon has been concealed or discarded. ​Ninex ThreatWatch™ can automatically launch on site specialized aerial drones for addition tracking capability.

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