Technology, systems, and services designed to save lives before, during, and after

Mitigating today's active shooter threat requires more than just a single solution. Specializing in active shooter threat mitigation, Ninex provides everything an organization needs to identify, detect, notify, and respond to an active shooter. Comprised of former law enforcement officers, federal agents, military personnel, medical professionals, and security experts, we know what it takes to keep everyone safe.

vulnerability assessment

Ninex can evaluate an organization's physical security, perimeter integrity, personnel and visitor security, and current protection systems to identify potential threats, risks, and issues prior to an active shooter event.

Protection system analysis

Ninex electronic security experts can fully evaluate an organization's existing security and life safety systems to ensure proper functionality during a variety of high impact events.

Incident response plans 

Ninex can develop an incident response plan, providing an organization with the information they need and the actions that need to be taken before, during, and after an active shooter or other type of high impact event.

Media Relations Support

After every mass shooting, the public wants to know why. Ninex through our strategic partners can help an organization deal with the news media and help get the right message out.

Crime scene Clean Up

After the authorities have left, pools of blood and other contaminated items need to be cleaned up. Ninex, through our strategic partners, can provide a properly equipped biohazard company to deal with this gruesome task.

Active Shooter Insurance

Ninex, through our strategic partners, can provide active shooter insurance designed to cover the enormous cost these types of events will have on the organization where they occur.

Behavioral Threat Assessment

Employees that have made threats of violence against others can be potentially dangerous, especially if they believe they're going to be terminated. Ninex can conduct a behavioral threat assessment to help determine the likelihood of violent behavior and whether the person has the intent and means to carry it out.

High-Risk Terminations

Terminating an employee can be a stressful situation, especially when there's a reason to believe that the employee may become violent. Ninex can provide an off-duty law enforcement officer to assist in the termination process and long-term protection for organizations that are concerned about retaliation.

Detection, notification and response

Real-Time Threat Detection

Detecting a threat before it becomes one

Using an organization's existing security cameras and advanced artificial intelligence technology, Ninex ThreatWatch™ can automatically detect anyone with a visible gun, notify law enforcement, activate countermeasures, and track the shooter, providing video images to first responders.

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Active Shooter Response Training

the right response can save lives

Knowing what to do and what not to do during an active shooter event can often determine who will live or die. Ninex provides on-site and online active shooter/armed intruder response training that goes way beyond traditional training like Run-Hide-Fight, ALERRT, or CRASE.

A person who has been shot can bleed to death in less than five minutes. Because of this, employees must render medical aid until EMS arrives on the scene. Ninex can provide victim sustainability training and our prepackaged trauma kits, which are easy to use and designed specifically to deal with gunshot victims.

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Physical Safeguards

deter, delay, and defend

Ninex, through our strategic partners, can design, develop, and deploy a variety of enhanced active and passive physical safeguards to deter, delay, and defend against an active shooter and/or active assailant attack.

Ninex attack resistant film coating, that can be applied to glass windows to withstand gunfire, and other types of physical assault.

Ninex safe rooms can be retrofitted to virtually any type of office environment and can be designed to protect occupants during a active shooter, violent intruder, or severe weather event.

Ninex can protect designated areas within a facility during an intrusion. Within seconds of activation the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog, forcing the intruder to leave the premises.

Ninex can automatically released defensive weapons during and attack.

Ninex vehicle barriers can automatically be deployed to provide security against active assailant using a vehicle.

Ninex can design and install ballistic panel protection to protect electrical utilities or other outdoor equipment from ballistic and/or blast attack.

Just one click, is all it takes to save lives

At Ninex we understand that the services we provide is something that no one wants to think about, but something that every organization must be prepared for.