It's going to happen somewhere today

It could be a school, place of worship, supermarket, hospital, the workplace, or anywhere there's a group of people.  Although every mass shooting is truly unique, they all have many things in common.


What is your Emergency

Every day, thousands of people call 911 for any number of reasons. When the call is for an active shooter, providing information such as where the shooter is located, what the shooter looks like, the type of weapon, and how many people have been shot, can assist first responders once they arrive on scene to help locate and stop the shooter.

How long will the terror last?

There are several factors that can determine how long an active shooter event will last. It starts with someone calling 911. As soon as the 911 operator has obtained the basic information, first responders will be notified. Depending upon the level of vehicle traffic, it may take 3–5 minutes before the first units arrive. 

Once law enforcement arrives on scene, unless they hear gunfire, they will have to search room by room looking for the shooter, and depending upon the type and size of the building, it can take up to 20 to 30 minutes or even longer before they locate the shooter.

As they encounter gunshot victims, they will not stop to help them; their first priority is to find and stop the shooter; all other actions are secondary, including rendering medical aid. 

Once the shooter has been located, the shooter will either surrender to law enforcement, take their own life, or law enforcement will neutralize the shooter. 

To gain a better understanding of what happens once law enforcement arrives on the scene to begin searching for the shooter and their victims, you can listen to actual police radio traffic of an active shooter event.

Listen to the Police

Warning: This audio may be disturbing, especially to anyone who has been a victim of an active shooter.


The shooter opens fire 


The first call to 911 is received


Police units are notified and responding


First police officer on scene


Police locate the shooter


Shooter surrenders to police

Things you should never do when law enforcement arrives on scene

Active-shooter events are highly charged. There are several things you need to be aware of when law enforcement is responding. Unless they clearly know who the shooter is, everyone is considered a suspect and can pose a direct threat to law enforcement.

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Minutes to live

The sirens are getting louder and help is on the way, but for anyone that has been shot, it may be too late unless they receive care immediately. A person can bleed to death in less than five minutes; therefore, it is imperative to stop the bleeding.

The first priority for responding law enforcement is to find and stop the shooter; all other actions are secondary, including rendering medical aid.

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Warning: A gunshot victim is depicted and may be disturbing to some people.

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