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At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

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Today organizations of all types face a multitude of security and safety challenges.   Whether it's an active shooter, active assailant, data breach, workplace violence issue, or act of domestic terrorism, these and other types of high impact events can effect your employees and operations.   At Ninex we specialize in providing security and safety solutions through our Threat Reduction Group, Mercantile Systems Group & Defense Security Group to help mitigate high impact events.   As a leading provider of advanced security technology and protection systems, combined with our advisory and managed security services, Ninex and our strategic partners, can help protect your people, operations and assets from current and emerging threats.

NOTE: These are just some of the products and services we provide to our clients.

Ninex Threat Reduction Group
Site Vulnerability Assessments

Ninex vulnerability assessments can identify a variety of internal and external security issues, risks, and threats.

Security Audit and Review

Ninex can help organizations determine how effective their security and safety policies are.

Incident Response Plan

Ninex can develop a clear step-by-step instructions on how to deal with and respond to multiple types of security and safety issues.

Protection Systems Analysis

Ninex can test all protection systems and determine their capabilities to function properly during a critical incident.

Social Media Monitoring

Ninex can provide an organization with near real time information of a potential security threats like an active shooter, active assailant, or terrorist attack.

Active Shooter Training

Ninex provides on-line and on-site active shooter - armed intruder response training programs that goes way beyond traditional training programs.

High-Risk Terminations

Ninex security personnel can assist during the termination process and after in the event of retaliation.

Behavioral Threat Assessment

Ninex behavioral threat assessments can help determine an employees general tendency or capabilities to react to situations violently.

Counter Surveillance

Ninex counter surveillance services can help protect confidential information with debugging sweeps, wiretap detection, and other counter surveillance activities.

Ninex Mercantile Systems Group
Emergency Notification Systems

Ninex unified mass notification system can provide emergency alert notifications and instructions throughout any organization in less than 60 seconds.

Gunshot Detection Systems

Ninex gunshot detection technology continually listens for the sound of gunfire and can immediately notify law enforcement, and other first responders.

Integrated Security Systems

Ninex integrated security systems utilizes the latest in thermal, seismic, infrared, microwave, analytics and biometric technology.

Aggressive Detection Systems

Ninex aggressive detection system can identify audible aggressive human behavior and can activate protection systems.

Video Surveillance

Ninex video systems can provide real-time full situational awareness in and around any organization.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Ninex video analytics and artificial intelligence software can identify a variety of security threats, risks and issues.

Ninex Defense Security Group
Drone Tracking

Ninex can monitor and track consumer-based drones to protect a facility from an airborne security breach.

Command & Control Center

Ninex can design, develop, and build a state-of-the-art command and control center to facilitate emergency response.

Safe Rooms

Ninex can design a safe room to protect individuals during an armed intruder-active shooter, or severe weather event.

Ballistic Protection

Ninex ballistic panels and glass can be retrofitted to virtually any facility to provide ballistic and blast protection.

Perimeter Barriers

Ninex vehicle and pedestrian barriers can enhance perimeter integrity from a security penetration.

Defensive Countermeasures

Ninex defensive countermeasures can be designed to stop a variety of facility attacks.

Experience - Integrity - Diligence - Commitment

At Ninex we know that a company is only as good as its people.   Comprised of former law enforcement officers, federal agents, military personnel, and security experts, Ninex and our strategic partners can provide the latest in advanced security technology, systems, training, and service that meets the highest industry standards.

Utilizing our decades of industry experience we understand the unique security and safety challenges implementing protection systems and programs into an organizations culture.

Whatever the mission may be, from protecting a corporate headquarters to a school or university, place of worship, manufacturing facility, shopping mall or government office, Ninex will be there, out front, ready to meet tomorrow’s security challenges... today.


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