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At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

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Advanced security technology is in every system we deploy

Mercantile Systems Group

Whatever your needs, simple or complex

Today, government offices, schools and universities, places of worship, shopping malls and all types of organizations are turning to the latest in advanced security technology and innovative protection systems to help protect them from high impact events, like an active shooter, active assailant or an act of domestic terrorism.   As a leading provider of advanced security technology and protection systems, Ninex through our Mercantile Systems Group can custom-designed and deploy the right protection and control systems to meet your specific security and safety needs to safeguard your people, assets and operations.   The systems and technology depicted on this site are just some of the protection and control systems we offer.

Fever Detection Systems

The New Normal

The Coronavirus is still out there.   Social distancing and proper face-mask usage does nothing to stop a fever.   All it takes is just one person to go undetected with a fever and infected with COVID-19, which can result in not only the devastation of an organizations loss of human life, but the immediate financial impact of a shut down, as well as long-term civil liability exposure.

Ninex TempCon System is the first fully automated system of its kind that utilizes the latest in thermal imaging technology to help identify individuals with an elevated body temperature and advanced artificial intelligence to identify individuals not complying with an organizations policies or procedures like proper face-mask usage or social distancing.

When a person walks in front of our dual image thermal camera, multiple points on a person’s face, are measured for an elevated temperature.   When a person’s temperature is over 100.4° an alert along with their picture, can be automatically sent to a designated staff members allowing then to make contact, for additional screening or isolation.

For additional information visit our TempCon website.     More Info

Today Ninex and our technology partners can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus by detecting elevated body temperatures.
Gunshot Detection Systems

What Was That

During an active shooter situation every second counts.   The ability to immediately detect a gun shot, determine the location of a shooter, notify law enforcement, alert all employees and visitors on what they need to do, can often determine how many people will live or die.

Utilizing the latest in gunshot detection technology, Ninex ThreatGuard Gunshot Detection System continuously listens for the sound of gun fire.   Within seconds of detecting a gunshot, our system can determine the location of the shooter, immediately notify law enforcement, close and lock all designated doors, and issue a visual and audible emergency alert with instructions throughout an organization in lest then 60 seconds.

Because active shooter situations are fluid, determining the location of a shooter is vital for law enforcement, so they can stop the shooter quickly.   Ninex ThreatGuard Systems can also connect directly to most company's existing video cameras, delivering live video images to law enforcement with the number of shooters, their location, and the location of victims.

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Every Ninex system we deploy undergoes multiple, on-site system testing to ensure full system functionality during an emergency.
Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Detecting a threat before it becomes one

Today's advancement in video analytics and artificial intelligence makes it possible to detect a variety of security threats in and around an organization, school or university, place of worship, shopping mall, or government office.

Utilizing an organizations existing perimeter or interior cameras, Ninex can embed advanced video analytic artificial intelligence software that can automatically detect a individual with a visible gun, a backpack left in a densely populated area, or a unintended vehicle parked too close to a building, as well as dozens of other potential security and safety threats, risks, or issues.   Upon detection video images can be sent to our security center for review by highly trained security personnel, where the appropriate action can be taken.

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Every Ninex system we design is with the end-user in mind, providing the highest level of protection, efficiency, and reliability.
Aggressive Detection Systems

Recognizing aggression by the sound of someone’s voice

Physical violence comes in many forms, but it usually starts with a verbal confrontation.   Utilizing the latest in advanced audio analytic technology, Ninex ThreatGuard System audio sensors continuously listen for specific sound characteristics related to anger or fear like the sound of a person’s pitch, echo effect, and tempo.

Upon detection the sounds are processed within the systems internal database for confirmation.   If a valid threat is detected an alert with the exact location and any corresponding video can be sent directly to security personnel for response.

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Ninex systems can be designed to work independently, or can be seamlessly integrated into a single system platform.
Emergency Alert Systems

When Every Second Counts

Whether it’s an active shooter, violent intruder, bomb threat, hazardous weather, release of toxic or poisonous gas, the ability to instantly notify everyone no matter where they are within an organization, is vital to help safeguard people, and operations.

Ninex Emergency Alert Notification System is designed to reach every one in an entire organization at the push of a button.   Utilizing your existing IT infrastructure, Ninex Emergency Alert Notification System can transform VoIP phones, computers, digital signage, and other network-connected technology into intelligent devices, creating a layered approach to deliver audible and visual emergency alerts and instructions to everyone throughout an organization.

Ninex Emergency Alert Notification System can also interface with a buildings existing access control system to initiate automatic door release or sector lockdowns.   Ninex Alert System can also connect to an organizations existing video system to provide live video images to responding emergency personnel with vital information on the location and severity of the security threat or issue.

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Every member of our team has years of experience in the design and implementation of advanced protection and control systems.

  Situational Awareness  

video surveillance

The ability to know exactly what's going on is vital especially during a critical event like an active shooter.   Organizations that utilize video surveillance cameras to provide real-time situational awareness have been limited in the past, as most surveillance cameras today provide limited coverage.   Ninex panoramic cameras can eliminate the gap in coverage that traditional cameras provide delivering unmatched clarity and total situational awareness.

Ninex panoramic cameras allow the viewer, the ability to drill down into crisp detailed immersive views where they can pan, tilt, and zoom to areas of interest.   Ninex panoramic 180°, 270°, and 360° cameras deliver clear and stable panoramic images 24/7 under all lighting conditions, and can be incorporated to any existing IP video management and network recording system.

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Ninex systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with most existing building systems to provide additional protection and control.

integrated security systems

Utilizing the latest in thermal, seismic, infrared, microwave, analytics and biometric technology, Ninex can design,
install, certify, monitor, and service a wide range of traditional security and safety systems that can work independently,
or can be integrated into a single system platform.

For more information on our Integrated Security Systems, contact us.

Utilizing advanced infrared, microwave, and audible sensors, Ninex Intrusion Detection System can provide detection throughout your organization, and can detect an intruder before entry is made.   When a security breach is detected internal counter measures, can automatically be deployed.
Intrusion Detection
Utilizing the latest in biometric technology and intelligent identity cards, Ninex Access Control scanners can provide authentication through eyes, fingerprints or palms, allowing access to predetermined areas according to authorization level, time of day or designated purpose.
Access Control
Ninex Asset Tracking Systems and sensors, can track and locate tagged devices in and around an organization in real time.   If tagged devices are not to leave a specific area within your organization an alert and a sector lockdown can be activated preventing the devices from leaving.
Asset Tracking
Ninex Visitor Management Systems can capture and store relevant information from a driver’s license or other government issued ID, verify credentials, automatically print access badges for specific days, times and areas.
Visitor Management

We are here and ready to help

At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

For additional information on the systems and services we provide, or to schedule a free on-site security review, contact us today. For immediate assistance please call 1-877-500-7060.

Whatever the mission may be, from protecting a corporate headquarters to a school or university, place of worship, manufacturing facility, shopping mall or government office, Ninex will be there, out front, ready to meet tomorrow’s security challenges... today.