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At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

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Mitigating risk requires a multilevel approach

Threat Reduction Group

We evaluate and analyze everything

Ninex advisory and managed security services through our Threat Reduction Group and strategic partners can provide organizations with advisory, managed security and safety services custom designed to protect people, property, and assets from a variety of current and emerging threats.   At Ninex nothing is overlooked, we can evaluate and analyze specific security and safety issues, risks and threats, and develop a comprehensive security and safety program that combines the latest in advanced security technology and integrated protection systems through our Mercantile Systems Group & Defense Security Group.

Site Vulnerability Assessments
Identifying threats before they are acted on

Every business, industry and governmental agency has its own set of safety and security needs.   Ninex site vulnerability assessments are designed to identify potential safety and security issues related to physical security, perimeter integrity, personnel and visitor security, company operations, and existing protection systems.

Ninex security consultants will analyze and evaluate all aspects of an organizations security and safety issues and develop a report and executive summary, listing deficiencies and best practice recommendations on how to mitigate risk, to improve security and safety.

Protection Systems Analysis
System capabilities during a critical incident

Organizations that rely upon a protection system to protect their people, property, operations and assets, often find out after a critical incident their system did not perform as they thought it would.

Ninex can perform an independent inspection and testing of an organizations protection systems.   We conduct a visual inspection and test all detection and notification devices to determine proper installation, coverage and signal processing time.   Any deficiencies are documented, and corrective actions are provided to ensure full system functionality and regulatory compliance requirements.

Security Audit & Review
How effective is your organizations security policies

An organizations security measures are of little use if they are not enforced.   Ninex’s security audit and review is designed to determine how effectively an organizations security policies are being implemented.   Whether violations are occurring because of carelessness, forgetfulness or for the sake of convenience, they can impact your organization.

Ninex security audit can uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout an organization, what issues are driving noncompliance, thus helping to establish an effective security program and also strengthen your internal controls.

Organizations that fail to implement policies, procedures, systems and training to protect their employees and/or visitors are guarantee a slew of lawsuits from survivors and the families of those killed.   Although no one can put a price on a human life, their are those that will.   What are you going to say when the plaintiff attorneys ask you, why didn't you do something to protect their loved ones!

A.T. Trenton | Vice President

Incident Response Plans

Emergency situations occur when you least expect them

Sooner or later every organization no matter the size or type, has to deal with an unexpected incident.   Does your organization know how to respond to an active shooter, bomb threat, fire, medical emergency or hazmat incident?

Knowing what is the appropriate response, based on the type of incident, can minimize the impact on your personnel, property, and operations.   Ninex incident response plans are custom designed, providing organizations with a written response plan that can be implemented in seconds.

Let us help you put together an incident response plan so you'll know what to do and how to do it when the unexpected happens.

Regulatory Requirements

Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) general duty clause, Section 5 (a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, requires that each employer furnish to each of its employees a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm.

Mass Shootings in the United States









Active Shooter Response Training

Do your employees really know what to do

Whether it’s an employee being terminated, a customer with a grudge, or just someone who wants to shoot people.   Knowing what to do, and what not to do during an active shooter event increases the chances of survival.   Unfortunately, very few organizations have ever trained for such an event.   It’s the lack of training that can delay the right response, often resulting in additional loss of life.

Ninex provides on-line and on-site active shooter - armed intruder response training programs, that go way beyond traditional training like Run-Hide-Fight, ALERRT or CRASE, and provide employees the lifesaving information on what to do before, during, and after an active shooter event.   Ninex on-site active shooter response training is presented by former law enforcement officers and federal agents with decades of real world experience in active shooter situations.

The sirens are getting louder and help is on its way, but for anyone that has been shot it may be too late, unless they receive immediate care.   However, the first priority for responding law enforcement is to find and stop the shooter, all other actions are secondary, including rendering medical aid.   As part of our on-site training program, Ninex can provide your employees with basic training on how to stop the bleeding until medical personnel are able to enter the building and take over.

Watch anytime on any device

Ninex interactive e-learning training delivers a simple and cost-effective way to provide training to hundreds or thousands of employees.   Employees will watch a 13 minute dramatized depiction of an active shooter event, and learn what they need to do based on the type of immediate threat.   Upon completion employees will be tested on what they learned, and results can be printed for company records.

Watch Video
This is exactly what I've been looking for, a training program that really delivers the information my employees need during an active shooter event.
Jane P.

Director of Corporate Security

The production quality, attention to detail, and information, is spot on and something that every organization should have every employee watch.
Sam W.

Security and Safety Manager

I wasn't sure how my employees would feel about asking them to watch an active shooter training video, I was truly surprised that they welcomed it.
Pete R.

Security Manager

Behavioral Threat Assessment
Motive, Means & Opportunity

When an employee exhibits troubling behavior it should not be ignored.   Ninex through our strategic partners can conduct a behavioral threat assessment on a troubled employee.   These assessments are designed to assess the likelihood of violent behavior and whether the person has the intent, and means, to carry it out.

If you think something’s wrong, your probably right, don't wait, contact us today.

High-Risk Terminations
Hostility & Violence

The termination of an employee can be a stressful event, especially if it involves an employee that has made threats involving violence against others.   Ninex security personnel can assist during the termination process and after, including protection to managers, staff or family members concerned about retaliation.

Don’t wait until your face-to-face with that employee before contacting us.

Knowing the warning signs can save lives

Mass shooting events are not spontaneous, they are often well-planned out weeks or months in advance, and in many cases the shooter will engage in behaviors that can signal impending violence.   While some of these behaviors are intentionally concealed, others are observable and if recognized and reported, it may help prevent an attack.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published a report on pre-attack behaviors of an active shooter.   This report evaluated 63 mass shooting events that occurred between 2000 and 2013 and provides statistical information relevant to those attacks.

Social Media Monitoring

Searching for the next threat

After every mass shooting or other types of high impact events, law enforcement agencies discovered that there were warning signs posted on blogs, forums, or other types of social media platforms, but were not notified until it was too late.

Utilizing the latest in social media monitoring software, we can analyze millions of keywords and phrases from a variety of open source, structured and unstructured data feeds, to identify potential security threats against an organization.

Upon detection we can issue the appropriate alert and notification based on the severity of the threat to your security department allowing a pre incident response by security personnel and/or law enforcement.

NOTICE:   At this time we are not accepting any new clients for our social media monitoring service.

We are here and ready to help

At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

For additional information on the systems and services we provide, or to schedule a free on-site security review, contact us today. For immediate assistance please call 1-877-500-7060.

Whatever the mission may be, from protecting a corporate headquarters to a school or university, place of worship, manufacturing facility, shopping mall or government office, Ninex will be there, out front, ready to meet tomorrow’s security challenges... today.