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What was once considered to be rare, now happens far too often at schools and universities across our country.   The motives may be different but the outcome is usually the same, changing lives forever.

Beyond educating students, a school’s top priority is to ensure the safety of all students and staff.   Today, schools of all sizes are implementing new security technology, systems and procedures to deal with future attacks.

This website highlights some of the products and services Ninex provides to schools

At Ninex Security Services, we are comprised of former law-enforcement officers, federal agents, security professionals, and technology experts, but first and foremost, we are parents too.   We know behind every school shooting there are dozens of individuals with personal stories of grief, bravery, and resilience.

In conjunction with law enforcement agencies and private industries, we remain committed to doing everything possible to help schools, both public and private, mitigate the loss of life during an active shooter, active assailant or other types of high impact events.   We do this by providing schools with the latest in advanced security technology, systems and services.

The systems and services listed on this site are only a few of the many products and services Ninex provides to businesses, industries, government agencies, places of worship, and educational facilities.


When Every Second Counts

Whether it's an active shooter, violent intruder, severe weather, bomb threat or any other type of emergency that requires immediate action and notification, being able to notify every student, staff member, and visitor throughout a school or district, can often require multiple steps that can take up to several minutes.

Ninex ThreatGuard System is the first fully automated unified mass notification system of its kind, that can automatically respond and issue the appropriate alert and life-saving instructions throughout an entire school or district in less than 60 seconds.

Every second counts during an active shooter event.   With just one click, the ThreatGuard System can immediately notify law enforcement, close and lock designated doors, and provide a visual and audible alert message throughout the entire school or district in less than 60 seconds.

Ninex ThreatGuard System is Eligible for TEA 2019 - 2021 School & Safety Grant Funding

Ninex ThreatGuard System featured on the news after the Santa Fe School shooting

When every minute counts... We notify in seconds
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Ninex 360° Cameras provide total situational awareness.   Whether it's a classroom, cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium or any other location you need to see everything.

Tomorrow’s advanced security technology is here today at Ninex


Ninex Access Control can instantly determine who gets in and who stays out with advanced facial recognition technology, eliminating the need for access control cards.

For total situational awareness and controlled access
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HB496 Compliant

Gunshot Trauma Care

During an active shooter event, the first priority for law enforcement is to find and stop the shooter, all other actions are secondary, including rendering medical aid.   Therefore, it is up to teachers and staff to render aid until medical personnel are able to enter the school.

To help mitigate the loss of life during an active shooter event, all Texas Public and Charter Schools are now required to have readily accessible Trauma Care Kits and Training within their School District by January 1, 2020.   Ninex Trauma Care Kits were developed by Tactical Medics and designed for Non-Medical Personnel to treat the wounded, prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services.

Ninex Trauma Care Kits meet all Texas HB496 requirements, contain the highest quality medical products and are packaged in the United States.   Ninex can also provide your School or District the required training by Certified Stop the Bleed Instructors through our strategic partnership.

We can help you comply with this new law
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Lockdown your school in seconds

This universal locking device can be deployed in seconds, simply remove it from the wall hook and place it over the door hinge…   That's it.   Made of high grade steel with 8000 pound bending force.   Ideal for any door that does not have a lock or to reinforce doors without barricading.   No installation required.   Works on virtually any right or left-handed door with interior hinges.

Only $30.35 ea

This item is Eligible for TEA 2019 - 2021 School & Safety Grant Funding

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Pre-Incident Intervention

One of the most difficult things any school administrator or teacher has to deal with is a student taking their own life or the lives of others.   With many teenagers spending more than 5 hours per day on social media sites, cyberbullying has increased dramatically, resulting in more students harming themselves or others.

Sadly, after most school shootings or suicides, the warning signs were there, publicly posted on social media, but were not discovered until it was too late.

Ninex ThreatWatch System can monitor a variety of open source data feeds, looking for keywords or phrases relevant to cyberbullying, suicidal comments and threats of potential school related violence.   The system can automatically send alerts allowing pre-incident intervention by school officials or law enforcement.

I can’t take it anymore… I get bullied all the time at school, I feel so helpless… I just don't want to live anymore!
If we only knew how she was really feeling
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Response Training

An active shooter event can happen at any school, at any time, with little to no warning and it is something that very few schools have really trained for.   Although most school related shootings are over in less than 10 minutes, often before law enforcement arrives, it is up to school officials to react and respond.   Unfortunately, it’s the lack of training that can delay the right response, contributing to additional casualties and loss of life.

Ninex Active Shooter/Armed Intruder response training program "Prevail" goes way beyond traditional training like Run-Hide-Fight, ALERRT or CRASE, and can provide your staff with real-world lifesaving information, techniques and training on what to do before, during, and after an active shooter event.

Ninex Response Training is Eligible for TEA 2019 - 2021 School & Safety Grant Funding as part of Ninex ThreatGuard System.

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Because the first responders are your teachers & staff
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Ninex vulnerability assessments are designed to identify a variety of internal and external security and safety issues, risks, and threats relevant to an active shooter, violent intruder, or other types of high impact events.

Nothing is overlooked, we assess all areas from a shooter’s point of view.   We will evaluate your perimeter integrity, areas of concealment, personnel and visitor security, existing protection systems, law enforcement response time, escape routes, and many other areas.


Sooner or later every public or private school, no matter the size, has to deal with an unexpected incident. Knowing what the appropriate response is based on the type of incident, can minimize the effects on your personnel, property, assets and operations.

Ninex can develop an incident response plan that can provide your school with clear, step-by-step instructions on how to deal with and respond to multiple types of security and safety issues, throughout your school or university.


Your existing protection systems, as well as your security and safety policies and procedures may not be in full compliance with federal, state, or local government entities.

Ninex can help your school identify and comply with regulatory requirements relevant to student, staff and visitor safety, emergency notification systems, evacuation, accountability protocols, and more.


At Ninex Security Service, we understand that the services we offer are not something any school really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for. In the world we live in today, one thing is certain, active shooters, active assailants and other types of high impact events will continue.

At Ninex we are here to help.   Ninex Threat Reduction and Mercantile Systems Group, along with our strategic partners, can provide your school with the latest in advanced security technology, systems and services that meet the highest industry standards.

For additional information on any of the systems, products and services we provide, or to schedule a free online demonstration, contact us today.

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