Whether it is a break-in, system failure, or data breach, protecting company assets requires the latest in advanced protection systems.

Utilizing the latest in thermal, seismic, infrared, microwave, analytics and biometric security technology.   Ninex Mercantile Systems can automatically detect a break-in, deploy countermeasures, initiate a facility lockdown, while simultaneously notifying security personnel and law enforcement.   Every Ninex System we design, develop, deliver and deploy includes our team of dedicated, forward thinking, security experts.

Comprehensive Protection Systems

Ninex protection systems can be designed to work independently, or can be seamlessly integrated into a single system platform.


Detecting an intruder before entry is made with intelligent intrusion detection.


Control building access to employee's and visitors with the latest in biometric technology.


View and record in high definition, all activity in and around your site.


Early warning notification of rapid changes to temperature, water quality and air pressure.


Enhanced digital audio masking systems can keep conversations private.


Control, monitor, and track all visitors throughout your company or facility.

Protection, Efficiency & Reliability

Every Ninex security and safety system is designed to provide the highest level of protection, efficiency and reliability. Ninex systems can be design to work independently, or can be seamlessly integrated into a single system platform.

Advanced Security Technology

Utilizing the latest in thermal, seismic, infrared, microwave, analytics and biometric technology, Ninex systems can automatically detect a security breach, deploy countermeasures, control building access, and monitor employee and visitor activity.


Advanced notification of a security breach can provide security personnel the edge.


Track and locate equipment and mobile devices on and off-site in real time.


Automatic emergency notification to employees and visitors can save lives.

Industries We Serve

Ninex provides a suite of forward-thinking security services an advanced protection systems custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Commercial & Corporate

No matter what type of business your involved in, security, safety, regulatory, and compliance requirements are a concern and constantly changing. Every business, small or large, faces threats and risks that call for comprehensive security solutions.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Factories and facilities involved in manufacturing products, are constantly faced with new security and safety regulatory requirements. Costly interruptions caused by unwanted incursions, asset theft, and safety issues, can directly impact a company's bottom line and profitability.

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Chemical & Petrochemical

In today's post 9/11 world, chemical and petrochemical facilities can be a prime target for terrorism, both foreign and domestic. The combustible and explosive materials that these plants work with, make facility protection essential to reduce risks and potential dangers.

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The business of transporting goods, products, and materials and their storage while in transit, often requires specialized security programs and systems to keep shipments safe from theft, loss, damage, and other security issues.

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Utility Distribution Systems

Some of the most vital and vulnerable aspects of our national infrastructure, are the methods and systems used to deliver basic utility needs to businesses, industries, and the general public.

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Software Development

With the rapid growth and high levels of competition within the software development industry, keeping data, development secrets, and private information both private and secure is critical and can determine the difference between company success and failure. The threat of internal theft of code, plans, designs, trade secrets and personal contact information, is real and cannot be ignored.

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Federal & State Government

Federal, state and local governments face new security and safety challenges to their facilities, operations, and personnel. The threat of terrorism, workplace violence, cyber-crime, and natural disasters require ongoing protection needs and advanced solutions.

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Schools & Universities

Beyond educating students, a school’s top priority is to ensure the safety of students and faculty. For administrators, facility directors and planners, school security has become a critical issue across the country.

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The executive team
Highly Experienced

The Ninex executive team is comprised of highly experienced security and safety professionals with comprehensive expertise in the protection field, as well as knowledge of the industries, businesses and government agencies that we serve. With years of experience we know how to efficiently integrate protection systems and programs into your facilities, activities and culture.

end-to-end solutions
Complete and Comprehensive

As an end-to-end security solutions provider, Ninex is dedicated to providing our clients with complete and comprehensive security solutions dealing with a variety of current and emerging threats. From the moment we begin a safety and security partnership, protecting your people, property, and assets becomes our sole mission.

Insight, Expertise, Dedication
Every project we deliver consists of these three elements.
Tomorrow Security Technology… Today
Utilizing the latest in thermal, seismic, infrared, microwave, analytics and biometric technology in our systems.
Good is Not Enough
Every system we deploy is fully tested to ensure complete system functionality & reliability.
Commitment to Service

At Ninex we know that a company is only as good as it’s people.   Utilizing our decades of industry experience, combined with our strategic partners, we provide our clients with the systems, training, and services that meet the highest industry standards.

Security & Safety Professionals

Comprised of highly skilled security and safety professionals, with years of insight into the industries, businesses and government agencies that we serve, allows us to identify the security and safety issues, risks, and threats you face.


At Ninex Mercantile Security Group & Ninex Threat Reduction Group we deliver a wide range of comprehensive security and safety solutions and advanced protection systems, to select industries, businesses, defense contractors, utility providers and government agencies. For additional information on any of our products or services please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Ninex welcomes employment inquiries from experienced and exceptional security professionals to join our team. If you are a highly-motivated and qualified individual with a desire to provide innovative security and safety solutions to select industries, companies and government agencies we like to here from you. Ninex is a drug-free company, and all applicants are subject to a drug test and background check. US citizenship is required.